Our service, our recycle rate, and our prices are all second to none. Our recycling facility and central hub are located in the heart of Minneapolis. Our service is impeccable because of our immediate downtown freeway access to I-94 and I-35W. Our commitment to recycling your debris is unmatched by the local market. The greatest part of all is that outstanding service and being a steward of the environment does not cost our customers a nickle more.

Sustainability isn’t easy. It requires careful planning, management, and reporting. As your construction waste manager, Atomic will:

Prepare a detailed construction waste management plan for your project, specifying which materials are to be recycled from the dumpster.

Act as the central dispatcher and record keeper for every service call, so you’re guaranteed that all of your construction waste comes to Atomic for recycling.

Provide you with detailed reporting and backup documentation.

We document all recycling and construction waste management services we provide with our dumpster service. We believe that honest reporting is not just about integrity – it’s also about our environment. When you rent one of our roll-off dumpsters in the Twin Cities Metro area, you will receive a complete recycling and waste management report upon request.

Rental Disclaimer:

The term “rental” used throughout this site is defined to be a purchase order agreement between the customer and Atomic Recycling. The contractual agreement with Atomic is not a true rental, as defined by law, but rather a purchase order for the temporary use of a piece of equipment owned wholly by Atomic Recycling. Please see contract for terms and conditions. Note that due to the weight of the equipment involved, Atomic Recycling is not responsible for damage caused by the roll-off service on customer properties (e.g. driveways, curbs, grass, sidewalks, etc.).